15:28 PM

Jackson EMC Donates $10K to Jackson County Schools Foundation

(JEFFERSON, GA. Dec. 26, 2017) –Jackson EMC donated $10,000 to the Jackson County Schools Foundation for the Empower College and Career Center, which will bring the area’s first college and career academy to local students.

“The Empower Center will prepare students for success by providing personalized pathways to higher education and career opportunities,” said Dr. April Howard, Jackson County Schools superintendent.

Howard continued, “Students in our community will experience authentic learning in the context of innovative entrepreneurial business approach within high tech industries. Work Force Development opportunities aligned to the needs of our business and industries will provide great mutual benefit to our community, as well.”

The center is a collaborative effort between the school system and business and industry leaders to develop a learning environment that incorporates college courses and technical certifications as part of the high school experience. The school is on schedule to open for students in 2020.

The Jackson EMC donation was made from margin refunds that have been unclaimed by the electric cooperative’s members for five years. Legislation passed in 2005 permits Georgia electric cooperatives to make charitable, education and economic development contributions of unclaimed margin refunds.

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation, the largest electric cooperative in Georgia and one of the largest in the nation, is headquartered 50 miles northeast of Atlanta in Jefferson, Ga. The cooperative serves more than 225,000 meters with 14,000 miles of energized wire. For more information, visit jacksonemc.com.

Photo: A $10,000 Jackson EMC check to the Jackson County Schools Foundation will help fund the Empower Center for Jackson County students. At the check presentation are (from left) Dr. April Howard, Jackson County Schools superintendent; April Sorrow, Jackson EMC director of communications; Steve Bryant, Jackson County Schools board chair; and Wade Johnson, Jackson EMC commercial and industrial marketing representative.