09:59 AM

Jackson EMC Donates $50K to Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

Jackson EMC donated $50,000 to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia for its new facility expansion project, slated to open in 2024.  

“We applaud Jackson EMC for being, not only a reliable and effective electricity provider, but moreover a leader in philanthropic investment,” said Erin Barger, president and CEO.  

Jackson EMC’s donation will provide for the cold storage units, including freezer and refrigeration, and space in the new expanded facility, which will increase their fresh food storage capacity by 84 percent. 

“The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is grateful to Jackson EMC for understanding the power and promise behind the vision of a new food bank, which will increase our overall facility capacity by 65 percent, giving us the opportunity to mobilize millions more meals,” Barger said. 

Barger explained why space is paramount in food banking. “Access to food is essential for our neighbors, and our new facility will help ensure food access for the next generation.” 

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia works to address hunger and end food insecurity by serving communities across the region, providing consistent access to nourishing food and relevant education.  

The Jackson EMC donation was made possible using margin refunds that have been unclaimed by the electric cooperative’s members for five years. Legislation passed in 2005 permits Georgia electric cooperatives to make charitable, education and economic development contributions of unclaimed margin refunds.  

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation, the largest electric cooperative in Georgia and one of the largest in the nation, is headquartered 50 miles northeast of Atlanta in Jefferson, Ga. The cooperative serves more than 251,000 meters on 14,654 miles of energized wire. For more information, visit jacksonemc.com.