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Jackson EMC Gives Awards to Local Right Choice Homebuilders

Jackson EMC recently gave awards to area homebuilders who follow the cooperative’s Right Choice new home construction standards for energy efficiency and comfort.

“Builders who construct new homes to Jackson EMC’s Right Choice standards show they’re committed to giving their clients quality, energy-efficient homes,” said Jackson EMC’s Director of Residential Marketing Christy Queen. “The Right Choice home program is recognized by builders and homeowners for homes meeting a higher standard for energy efficiency. It’s the dedication of participating builders that make the program a success.”

Jackson EMC annually recognizes Right Choice homebuilders with best-in-class awards and several Community Spotlight awards. For the best-in-class awards, the program presents a Builder of the Year award and a Leadership Award to an organization or individual in each of three categories. The category classification is based on the number of Right Choice homes completed yearly.

The Builder of the Year award recognizes the effort and excellence of a company and its team. The Leadership Award recognizes a builder’s or superintendent’s individual efforts.

The Community Spotlight Award is given to Right Choice builders whose dedication to energy efficient construction has had a tremendous impact on the Jackson EMC community. These are companies who have championed the Right Choice brand in both excellence and volume.

Diamond class awards are given to companies that have built more than 50 Right Choice homes during the year. Platinum class awards honor companies that build 10-49 Right Choice homes during the year. Gold class awards honor builders who built up to nine Right Choice homes during the year.

Right Choice homes are built exclusively in Jackson EMC’s service area. The following list of winners includes the location where they are currently building Right Choice homes in the local community.

Builder of the Year awards went to: Clayton Properties Group, Inc. DBA Chafin Builders (Gwinnett, Hall and Jackson counties), diamond class; Premier Residential Builders HC, LLC (Jackson County), platinum class; and Sterling Residential, LLC (Jackson County), gold class.

The Leadership Awards went to: Ben Nash with Clayton Properties Group, Inc. DBA Chafin Builders (Gwinnett County), diamond class; Phillip Samples of Smith Douglas Homes (Gwinnett County), platinum class; and Trey Barnett of Keith Hayes Construction (Jackson County), gold class.

The Community Spotlight Awards went to: Adams Homes AEC, LLC (Jackson County); Brand Properties (Oxford Properties) (Gwinnett County); Capstone Development DBA Banks Crossing Partners, LLC. (Ecker Construction) (Banks County); Century Communities (Jackson, Barrow, Gwinnett, Hall and Banks counties); Clayton Properties Group, Inc. DBA Chafin Builders (Hall, Gwinnett and Jackson counties); EMC Homes, LLC (Hall, Gwinnett and Jackson counties); MB Endeavors, LLC. (Jackson County); O’Dwyer Properties (Gwinnett County); OneStreet Residential DBA MainStreet Jefferson L.P. (Jackson, Barrow and Gwinnett counties); Piedmont Residential (Hall County); Premier Residential Builders, LLC (Jackson County); Pulte Group (Hall County); Smith Douglas Homes (Gwinnett and Barrow counties); and Worthing Southeast Builders (Gwinnett County).

For more information about Jackson EMC’s Right Choice new home program, visit jacksonemc.com/rightchoice. 

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