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Jackson EMC Linemen Named Among the Best at International Event

A journeyman lineman team from Jackson EMC was named second among electric cooperatives competing at the 37th Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas on Saturday. Top linemen from around the world compete in a series of events in traditional linemen skills and tasks at the event.  

Jackson EMC sent three journeyman lineman teams and 12 apprentices to the international competition. A total of 122 journeyman teams and 182 apprentices competed at the event. Apprentices compete as individuals, while journeymen compete in teams of three. The International Lineman’s Rodeo includes participants from electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and electric providers for the military. 

Apprentices and journeyman teams compete in the hurt man rescue and pole climb events. In addition, two mystery events are revealed to participants the day before the competition. Apprentices also complete a written test as a part of their overall scores. Competitors are scored based on skill and speed for completing tasks for each event.  

A journeyman team with Cody Thompson, Matt Tolar and Jose Rodriguez finished second among electric cooperatives. The team also placed fifth as the top overall team, second in an obstacle course event and sixth in the journeyman pole climb.  

A Jackson EMC journeyman team with Jeff Sutton, Kaleb Chapman and Jeremy Adams finished in first place in the journeyman hurt man rescue and third in an insulator replacement event. 

Another journeyman lineman team with Austin Gragg, Devin Humphries and Justin Cash finished third in the journeyman hurt man rescue, ninth in the journeyman pole climb and 10th in an obstacle course event.  

  Jackson EMC apprentices placed in the following events: 

  • Easton Tuggle, second in the apprentice hurt man rescue, sixth in the apprentice obstacle course, seventh in apprentice pole climb and ninth among electric cooperative apprentices. 
  • Collin Ward, third place, hurt man rescue. 
  • Austin Yearwood, fifth place, hurt man rescue. 
  • Tanner Allen, ninth place, hurt man rescue. 
  • Jonathan Woodring, third place, pole climb. 
  • Tim Henderson, ninth place, pole climb. 
  • Ben Brissey, 10th place, pole climb. 
  • Ben Adams, eighth place, obstacle course. 

“We’re proud to support our linemen in this competition against electric providers across the country and abroad. Our linemen who compete in this event do an excellent job representing the high skillset and teamwork we see among linemen at Jackson EMC,” said Joe Dorough, vice president of engineering and operations at Jackson EMC.  

“The International Lineman’s Rodeo allows participants to compete among some of the best linemen in the industry, while learning and practicing safe work practices,” said Tommy Parker, managing director of operations at Jackson EMC. 

“The rodeo is a great opportunity for our linemen to show their skills and safety knowledge in their profession,” he said. “We’re proud of the fantastic results our linemen produced at this year’s event.”  

Photos of Jackson EMC’s linemen at the International Lineman’s Rodeo are available at https://jacksonemc.canto.com/b/N12JL.

Official results from the International Lineman’s Rodeo are available at https://www.linemansrodeokc.com/results-final/  

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