11:25 AM

Jackson EMC Members Are Targets of Scams

Protect yourself against scammers. Don’t provide personal information or give in to pressure to pay immediately with Green Dot cards.

Scam Alert

Across Northeast Georgia, scammers are targeting homes and businesses with the threat of an immediate power cutoff. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

  • Never provide a pre-paid card number or credit card number to a person who calls you demanding immediate payment. Contact Jackson EMC directly at 1-800-462-3691 to check your account status if you are concerned.
  • Never provide your full social security number, checking account number, or other personal details to someone who calls you directly. Jackson EMC may in some cases ask a caller to verify the last four digits of their social security number, but never the full number.
  • Don’t assume that a caller stating they represent Jackson EMC is legitimate, even if they seem to know some personal information like your address or account number.

If you have any questions regarding the validity of a caller, please contact Jackson EMC at 1-800-462-3691.