12:12 PM

Jackson EMC on alert during arctic blast

While the threat of freezing precipitation has passed, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) remains on alert for distribution system problems that could result from the extremely cold temperatures expected over the next few days.

“Any piece of equipment may operate just fine under normal use, but could have problems when stressed by high demand. We expect our load to be very high during these extremely cold temperatures, which will stress our system and could cause some of our equipment to malfunction. This same situation occurs in extremely cold weather as when the temperatures are extremely high,” said Jackson EMC Vice President of Engineering & Operations Jim Smith.

The cooperative has prepared for the extreme weather by increasing staffing in its System Control Center, which monitors more than 13,000 miles of energized wire in 10 counties. “Trucks are stocked and ready to go, and our linemen are prepared to respond to any outages that may occur. We know that especially with these extreme temperatures our members are relying on us to keep them warm,” Smith noted.

Jackson EMC members may report outages from a PC at outage.jacksonemc.com or from a smartphone or wireless device at mobile.jacksonemc.com, or by calling 1-855-422-7600, and can track outages on the cooperative’s outage map in the Storm Center at www.jacksonemc.com.