10:51 AM

Jackson EMC Pole Attachment Inventory Project

Jackson EMC is working with contractor HB Next on a project to take an inventory of different attachments on the utility poles throughout Jackson EMC’s service area. Additionally, this project will include inspection of equipment to ensure all attachments are sufficiently mounted according to Jackson EMC’s safety standards. The project will continue through November 2020. 

Companies such as phone and cable providers often use space on Jackson EMC’s poles to deliver services to their customers. The pole attachment inventory project is part of the cooperative’s contractual requirements with various service providers and other utilities that have wires and/or equipment mounted on Jackson EMC-owned poles.  

Jackson EMC contractor HB Next will be inspecting poles throughout Jackson EMC’s service area. HB Next will have access to Jackson EMC’s utility lines and poles and may be on a member’s property to perform an inventory of our poles and other utility attachments,” said Jonathan Weaver, Jackson EMC director of system engineering. Weaver adds that contractor employees and vehicles assisting with the project will have proper identification, including badges provided by Jackson EMC. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Jackson EMC at 1-800-462-3691.