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Jackson EMC reorganizes to better serve members; Stowe Named COO and Keith named CFO

(July 19, 2016) As part of an ongoing strategic planning initiative, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is restructuring its operations to align all functions that directly provide service to cooperative members under a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and all functions that provide essential support services under a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Roy Stowe, currently vice president of marketing and member relations, has been appointed COO, and Greg Keith, currently vice president of finance and accounting, has been appointed CFO, effective immediately. Both will report to Jackson EMC’s President/CEO Chip Jakins.

“We believe this realignment will harness the teamwork of the functions that directly provide service to our members, and do the same for the functions that provide the internal support required to make that service possible. By working as a team, those related functions will be able to bring better coordination and efficiency to their work, as well as stimulate innovation in how we operate, and continually improve our service quality. Having Roy and Greg in these positions will take advantage of the more than 60 years of combined experience they have with this organization, which is invaluable in terms of institutional knowledge, as well as their commitment to this organization’s tradition of service to our members,” Jakins noted.

Roy Stowe and Greg Keith

Roy Stowe has worked for Jackson EMC for 32 years, holding the position of Vice President, Marketing and Member Relations for 22 years. Prior to becoming Vice President Marketing/Member Relations, he was the director of commercial and industrial sales where he managed a sales force responsible for working with new and existing large business expanding into the Company’s northeast Georgia service area.

Greg Keith has worked for Jackson EMC for 31 years as Vice President, Finance and Accounting. Prior to joining Jackson EMC, he held a variety of management positions in the poultry industry.

Reporting to Stowe will be Communications, Engineering and Operations, Information Technology, and Marketing and Member Relations. Reporting to Keith will be Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Operations Support Services, and Strategic Planning and Analytics. The heads of those functional areas will be named over the next five months.

“We’re in an enviable position. Most corporations reorganize to cut people or costs, or to shore up issues with their service or image. We don’t have any of those problems. We simply want to build on this cooperative’s tradition of providing high quality service to our members. Roy and Greg are being charged with making that happen,” Jakins concluded.