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Jackson EMC's Tree Maintenance Program

When trees grow into electrical lines, they can create safety hazards and disrupt service. During high winds, strong thunderstorms or winter ice storms, limbs and even whole trees can fall on electric lines, tearing down energized lines and equipment.

Jackson EMC maintains the area around the lines, known as the right-of-way, to keep members and employees safe around the power lines. The water, sap and chemicals in trees are excellent electricity conductors. If a tree has grown into a power line, power can travel through the tree to the ground and create an electrocution hazard. Trees touching power lines can also cause fires.

Here are the facts about the tree maintenance program, maintaining the 6,574 miles of overhead wire powering the homes and businesses of Jackson EMCs members.

For more information about Jackson EMC’s Tree Maintenance Program, visit www.jacksonemc.com/about-us/tree-maintenance-program.