09:26 AM

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe with a Medical Alert Button

Want the security of a medical alert button wherever you go, even away from home?

The mobile emergency pendant from EMC Security is an ideal gift for a loved one. Worn around the neck or clipped to a belt, pocket or purse, the device is small and comfortable to wear when you’re on the go.

Powered by Belle, the pendant features two-way voice communication and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days per charge.

With the push of one button, the device connects you to a certified, 24-hour emergency response technician – who can send emergency help or contact a loved one to assist. If needed, the pendant can be used to pinpoint your location for emergency responders.

The mobile emergency pendant is available from EMC Security for $21.95 per month.

For more information, visit emcmedicalalert.com or call EMC Security at 770-963-0305