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Keep Your Safety Personal with EMC Security

Not only is EMC Security your perfect choice for home security; it’s also your source for personal safety.

EMC Security provides personal safety in two ways – for people on-the-move with the MyForce personal safety service, and for those homebound with the EMC Medical Alert System.

Accessed with a smartphone app, MyForce is a cutting-edge personal safety tool that provides immediate and individualized assistance in emergency situations. When you subscribe to MyForce, your smartphone becomes a personal security service that goes wherever you go to provide an extra level of protection, whether you’re jogging down a busy sidewalk or walking to your car in a lonely parking garage.

When you register for the service, you’ll provide personal information that will be immediately available to MyForce security agents so they don’t waste a minute asking questions but, instead, determine your location via a GPS signal and act swiftly to coordinate an emergency response with local authorities.

When you feel threatened or in a potentially dangerous situation, just pull up the app and activate MyForce. If the threat is real, the MyForce monitoring team will send help. If it’s a false alarm, simply deactivate the app.

The MyForce personal safety service costs $14.95 a month with no activation fee.

While MyForce provides protection for people on-the-move, the EMC Medical Alert System provides safety and independent living to the elderly and disabled.

The smallest, yet most powerful two-way communication device on the market, the EMC Medical Alert System features a pendant that enables the homebound to communicate any emergency.

At the press of a button, the easily worn pendant allows the wearer to speak directly to our local monitoring center to report an emergency, and our around-the-clock operators will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

The pendant works anywhere inside and all around your home, so whether you’ve fallen in the bathroom or are in your driveway and feel threatened by a neighbor’s dog, you can push the pendant button and immediately be in voice-to-voice contact with a monitoring center operator. Depending on the crisis, our operator can dispatch emergency medical services, or contact a friend or family member, or both.

While most medical alert devices require that you remain in range of a base station, forcing you to scream for help from another room, ours picks up your voice from the pendant itself, allowing you the flexibility of moving throughout your home and yard. Also unlike our competitors, EMC Security handles installation and programming of your EMC Medical Alert System with our central station monitoring costing only $21.95 per month.

Even better, just as EMC Security does not require a contract for home security, MyForce personal safety and the EMC Medical Alert System also require no contracts. Rather than locking you in with a contract, we work to provide quality service that keeps you as our customer.

To learn more about MyForce or the EMC Medical Alert System, visit emcsecurity.com or call 770-963-0305.