13:44 PM

Linemen Teach Electricity Safety

During the school year, Jackson EMC linemen share their unique skillset and electricity safety tips with elementary school students throughout our community. 

Their presentations center around PowerTown®, a model town complete with transformers, poles, overhead and underground power lines, and other equipment, according to Gainesville District Operations Superintendent Brett Hurst, who coordinates the safety/educational demonstrations in his district.

“The schools we serve, mostly elementary schools, call us when they have career days coming up,” says Hurst. “We have about 15 linemen who know the program and take turns doing it at the schools. They enjoy going out and interacting with the kids.”

Sometimes, says Hurst, the presenting lineman takes his tools, hard hat, and rubber gloves to show students how they are used in the field. Often one or two lucky kids gets to put on the rubber gloves and wear the hard hat.

“The demonstrations are designed to teach students how our system works and educate them on the safety aspects of it,” says Hurst, describing how linemen energize the mock lines to show students what happens when a tree falls across a line or when an energized line makes contact with a vehicle.

The presentations also include an explanation of Jackson EMC’s power restoration process, “how we get our main feeders on first and work our way down to secondary feeders and, finally, individual services,” Hurst concludes.

Interested in a Jackson EMC presentation? You can request school visits at: jacksonemc.com/schoolvisits.