14:36 PM

Local Fourth Grade Class Reads to Jackson EMC Linemen

What do you get when you mix fourth graders, Dr. Seuss and Jackson EMC linemen? A fun experience students and linemen will remember.

Melissa Holloway is a Special Education Co-Teacher at Carnesville Elementary School. Her husband, David Holloway, is a Jackson EMC line foreman. For this event, she partnered with Janna Bowers’ fourth grade class.

Mrs. Bowers’ students took turns reading Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” to a group of Jackson EMC linemen over a video call. Once the students finished reading the story, the linemen took turns asking the students questions about the book.

“The purpose of this was to put a different perspective on reading for them,” said Melissa Holloway. “When they read to someone else, it is usually kindergartners or first graders. This totally changed it up for them and they loved it.”

The Jackson EMC employees who participated included: Greg Angel, Jason Bond, Ben Campbell, Brandon Carter, David Holloway, Tommy Minish, Brandon Sanders and Easton Tuggle.

David Holloway was excited to participate. “When Melissa tossed out the idea, I thought it was great. I ran it by my supervisors, and they were excited to participate, too,” David Holloway said. “We’re thankful for the ability to spend time doing something for the students and I know our crew really enjoyed it.”

The group of linemen went beyond just asking questions – they engaged in meaningful conversations with the students. The conversations made a lasting impression on the students and everyone involved.

“The Jackson EMC guys made my heart so happy with their willingness to do this and how they responded to it,” said Melissa Holloway. “One student sat back in his chair and said, 'Whew! That was awesome! Very different reading to adults - but still awesome!’ and another one asked 'When are we going to do this again?’”