14:01 PM

Make it Fun: Teach Kids to Save Energy

Parents may understand that saving energy is a part of managing a household budget. But, kids? Most likely, they need some help.

The good news is that teaching kids about energy efficiency can be fun. By making energy-saving steps entertaining for kids, they’ll have an easier time learning.

Not sure how? Try some of these kid-friendly lessons to make energy efficiency fun.

"Goodnight, Lights"

Make conserving energy part of your daily bedtime routine. Walk around your house with your child and say “goodnight” to every light while turning it off.

Light Police

Pretend your child is a police officer on “light duty.” Give your child the job of turning off all lights in your home to enforce the idea of saving energy.

Connected Energy

If you have a smart thermostat, use your smart thermostat’s app to access your energy use. Make it a game for your kids to guess your daily energy use, based on the recent weather temperatures. The guess (or guesses) closest to your actual energy use gets a reward.

Dinner Powered by Kids

Encourage your kids to prepare a family dinner that doesn’t use electricity. That means skipping the microwave and oven to create a healthy family meal (hey, salads count!).

"I Spy"

Have your child put on a “detective suit” and pretend to go hunting for energy wasters, like devices plugged in electrical outlets that aren’t in use, or dripping faucets.

Ribbon Game

Find potential air leaks in your home by using a piece of ribbon. Hold the ribbon around window frames and gaps around doors. If the ribbon moves, there’s an air gap – which means your house is losing energy. If you find an air leak, involve your kids in buying and installing weather stripping.

Electricity Challenge

During a week, aim to check all five of these boxes for your household. Make this a family game and celebrate your accomplishment when you check all five boxes:

  • Turn off all lights before leaving your home
  • Take a shower in five minutes or less to conserve heated water
  • Wash clothes in a full load of the washing machine using cold water, which saves energy
  • Have a “digital detox” day or a few hours and skip turning on TVs, computers, video games and smartphones
  • Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer