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Make Paying Your Power Bill Easy

At Jackson EMC, we know it’s not a one-size-fits-all world. Our members have different needs and different ways of doing things, and that includes how they pay their monthly power bill.

To accommodate all of our members, we offer numerous ways to pay your bill. These include the most conventional methods of paying in person by visiting our offices, sending your check in the mail, paying by phone, paying online or by logging onto our mobile app.

While all of these methods are easy to manage, the most manageable for many of our members is paying their power bill with an automatic bank draft. There’s no charge when you sign up to pay your bill automatically by bank draft, and the simplicity of paying on time each month can’t be beat.

When you pay by bank draft, a copy of the draft will be included in your monthly bank statement showing the date and amount of payment. You will continue to receive your monthly electric bill, but it will be marked “paid by draft.”

There’s no charge to use your bank’s electronic bill payment software to pay your power bill. Plus, the bank draft option allows you to set up a monthly reminder informing you that your bill’s due date is approaching. You’ll also have the option of signing up for paperless billing with an email notification that your bill is available to view online.

To sign up for automatic payment or paperless billing, contact your local Jackson EMC office or access your account information at https://ebill.jacksonemc.com/.