11:36 AM

Making the Switch to Energy Star©-Certified Products Can Help You Save

For almost 30 years, ENERGY STAR©-certified appliances and electronics have offered homeowners a great way to reduce energy use and save on power bills. But how do you know which ENERGY STAR product is right for you?

Consider how you use appliances to meet your energy-saving goals:

  • Do you wash multiple loads of laundry a day? Investing in an ENERGY STAR-certified washer could save an estimated $45 on your utility bill each year.
  • Bigger TVs use more energy than smaller TVs, but ENERGY STAR-certified TVs are typically 25%more energy efficient than conventional models.Desktop computers can use a lot of electricity, but ENERGY STAR-certified models save energy. Until you can upgrade to an ENERGY STAR model, you may want to adjust the power management setting on your home computer by adjusting the “sleep” mode so it powers down when it has been idle for a few minutes.
  • New ENERGY STAR-certified products hit the market each year. Check out air purifiers, dehumidifiers,decorative lighting and other products. ENERGY STAR’s products page provides detailed information,including buying guidance, for numerous products.

For more information, visit energystar.gov/products.