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Meet our Fleet: Fast Facts About our Trucks

Whether you pass them on the highway or see them on your street responding to an outage, Jackson EMC'strucks are quick to catch our members’ attention. In 2019, these vehicles traveled more than 3.9 million miles, playing their part in providing reliable power to our members. Check out these fast facts about some of our trucks.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are the most common trucks in our fleet, easily recognized by the Jackson EMC plate on the front. We have 111 pickup trucks that are used by a variety of employees at Jackson EMC, such as field service representatives checking meters or line superintendents visiting job sites. 

Service Bucket Trucks

Jackson EMC has 34 service bucket trucks. These smaller bucket trucks are found at job sites where line crews are installing and repairing lighting, meters and smaller power line construction projects that don’t require a large bucket truck. Buckets on these trucks can extend up to 45 feet high. This is as tall as three giraffes standing on top of one another!

Large Bucket Trucks

Did you know the buckets on our large bucket trucks can extend up to 72 feet high? This is a reach longer than the length of a humpback whale! We have 24 large bucket trucks that are used on jobs where line crews are installing and repairing overhead power line construction.

Digger Derrick Trucks

We have 34 digger derrick trucks that help do a lot of the heavy lifting on job sites. Digger derrick trucks can be recognized by a large auger on top of the truck. These trucks are used to dig holes, set poles  and help lift and set heavy items like pad-mounted transformers – those large, green boxes you might see in your neighborhood.

Safety Reminder

We love saying "hi" to our members, but we ask that you stay at least 10 feet away while we're working for both your safety and our safety.