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Member Satisfaction Results

Most Jackson EMC members are satisfied with their electric service, according to the recent results from the Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey. Ninety three percent of respondents gave an 8, 9, or 10 rating for customer satisfaction, continuing a decade-long trend of high performance scores.

Every other year, for 23 years, Jackson EMC has reached out to its members and asked how we’re doing. We mailed 3,200 surveys this year; 424 of our members mail them back. “We are looking for our members to help us identify the organizational strengths we can build on and our opportunities for improvement,” said Jackson EMC President and CEO Chip Jakins.

Members ranked satisfaction areas on a scale from 1 to 10. Percentages here represent responses recorded as an 8, 9 or 10.

Quality of electric service

  • 89% Having few total power outages
  • 87% Restoring power quickly after outages
  • 90% Having few momentary disruptions of service
  • 89% Ease of contacting JEMC to report an outage
  • 92% Performing service or repairs right the first time
  • 91% Being considerate of your property
  • 88% Providing timely information on outages

‚ÄčOverall image of Jackson EMC

  • 93% Being a trustworthy company
  • 92% A company concerned about its members’ needs
  • 92% Understanding what customers need
  • 92% Having knowledgeable employees
  • 93% Being a well-managed company
  • 94% Being a good citizen in the community

Jackson EMC’s billing process

  • 92% Ease of understanding the bill
  • 93% Timely arrival of bills each month
  • 92% Clarity of bill messages

Overall, 21% of those who responded to our mail-in survey had called Jackson EMC within the past 3 months. This is what they said about their most recent call:

  • 85% Answering calls promptly
  • 81% Answering your question or resolving your problem on the first call
  • 82% Professionalism of the customer service representative
  • 85% Representative’s ability to understand your question or concern
  • 90% Listening to your problems or concerns
  • 90% Our ability to resolve problems or concerns
  • 89% Calling you back if necessary to resolve problems or concerns

“To a large extent, this year’s survey results indicate our members are seeking ways to reduce their energy bill,” said Roy Stowe, Jackson EMC vice president of member services, who oversees the biennial survey.

Eighty-six percent of members said Jackson EMC should help them save money on their electric bill; sixty-nine percent asked for products and services that promote energy efficiency.

Members indicated not having the money to make home improvements was their greatest barrier to reducing energy use in the home (51%). Not wanting to sacrifice comfort (30%) and lack of knowledge (29%) were also noted as roadblocks to reducing energy usage.

Members indicated the majority of information they receive from the cooperative comes from JEMCO News 83% and bill inserts 66%. Only 15% are going online and 4% of members are using social media to connect with the cooperative.

In addition to satisfaction indicators, we also asked about your likelihood to participate in various programs. Members are most interested in upgrading lightbulbs and appliance rebate programs and less interested in home energy evaluations. A prepaid billing option was interesting to 13% of members, while paperless billing with a no-charge electronic payment option was favored by 45% of members.

“We plan to offer an online option to pay by electronic check without a fee in the coming months,” said Greg Keith, Jackson EMC Vice President of Finance and Accounting. This will provide all members with an opportunity to pay online without incurring a fee.