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Need to Know: Home Automation

Easier and More Economical Than Ever Before

Imagine using an app on your phone to turn on the porch lights when arriving home after dark, arming your security system after leaving in a hurry in the morning, or setting the thermostat down a few degrees so you’ll be cool when you finally get home. These are a few possibilities you’ll have with home automation from EMC Security.

EMC Security Home Automation Offers:

  • Lighting Controls
  • Door Lock Controls
  • Thermostat Controls
  • Security System Controls

As a member of Jackson EMC, you can add the cost of security and home automation services from EMC Security to your Jackson EMC bill each month and just pay one bill. Monitoring services start at $16.95 a month.

Now, Jackson EMC members receive their first two months of monitoring at no cost.

"EMC Security provides feature-rich automation that allows easy management of your lights, locks, thermostat and security system anytime from anywhere," said Vince Raia, President of EMC Security.

Learn more about EMC Security online at emcsecurity.com.