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Need to Know: Partnering with Builders to Provide Energy Efficient Construction

Everybody needs a partner, a trusted friend they can go the distance with. Jackson EMC offers this type of partnership to builders and developers through an array of services designed to assist in the construction of energy efficient homes, from design planning all the way to open house.

Our Right Choice™ new home program provides builders with energy efficient construction measures that meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines in order to build homes that are typically 20-30 percent more efficient than standard homes.

Following our guidelines, builders can provide their customers with homes that boast guaranteed energy savings and comfort by ensuring that a home’s design, heating and cooling system, air sealing and duct installation all meet top energy efficiency standards. Builders who choose to construct Right Choice homes receive rebates and support from Jackson EMC.

We partner to provide lighting packages with maintenance for subdivisions and apartments. Also, builders may purchase single-phase and three-phase meter bases and pedestals from Jackson EMC, which offers a variety of each, along with installation instructions.

Another valuable partnership for builders is available through EMC Security, which fits homes with advanced wiring, whole-house audio systems, whole-house central vacuum systems and custom-designed, state-ofthe-art security systems that provide local monitoring 24 hours a day.

For online assistance, visit the homepage at www.jacksonemc.com and click on For Builders & Contractors. There you’ll find information on these programs and services, along with details on how to request temporary service and permanent underground service and how to get power connected.

For more information, contact a residential marketing representative at your local Jackson EMC office.