11:37 AM

Perspective: A Calling

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That was certainly the case with a recent photo that really touched me. And it wasn’t just me that was moved by the photo – it garnered more than 20,000 impressions on our social media channels.

The image was of one of our linemen returning from storm duty. He was receiving a tears-of-joy embrace from his young daughter, who was overjoyed to see her daddy come home. It welled up a lot of emotions in me about the sacrifices our linemen make in their chosen line of work.

For many linemen, it’s not just a job or a career, it’s a calling. It shows in their commitment to restore power in the most challenging conditions, rising to the challenges in the aftermath of hurricanes and ice storms. It’s those times when linemen must say goodbye to their families to restore power. It’s those times when prayers are lifted for their safety. It’s those times when they lean on each other and rely on their hours of training and years of experience to get the job done.Their commitment and sense of service is second to none.

When people share stories about our linemen with me, it’s often that service and commitment that impresses folks. I really enjoy receiving letters, emails and seeing social media posts from members sharing their experiences they have with our linemen. In February, we sent several linemen to help restore power to members of Southside Electric Cooperative in Virginia after a devastating ice storm. At the peak of the storm, more than 85%of Southside Electric’s members didn’t have power – many of them in isolated and heavily wooded areas.

The conditions were hazardous and progress was slow as crews worked in remote areas. Despite those challenges, our linemen rose to the occasion and exemplified the true spirit of cooperation. A Southside Electric employee shared how the Virginia cooperative was receiving phone calls from members complimenting the extraordinary work by “those guys from Georgia.” Those “guys from Georgia” were our guys. The same linemen that come out to restore power here when your lights go out. They are true professionals and I’m proud of the linemen that serve Jackson EMC. As members of Jackson EMC, you can also take pride in knowing that our linemen are true ambassadors, whether they’re here serving you or helping others in need.

These dedicated and highly-skilled professionals represent our cooperative well and they deserve the accolades that come their way. April is Lineman Appreciation Month. Any time you see a lineman this month, please join me in thanking them for their exceptional service. And if you want to see more heartwarming lineman photos like the picture I mentioned or even share a post of your own, please follow us on our social media channels.