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Perspective: A New Approach

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Did the holidays seem really hectic or was it just me? Looking back, I wonder how it all got done. The preparation, the decorations, the food, the shopping - wow! Here we are in January. Thanksgiving is a blur and my Christmas decorations are back into storage. It was crazy and chaotic, but it was also enjoyable. 

For me, one of the hardest things I do during the holidays is shopping for gifts. I’m “old school.” I want to feel everything before I buy it. Online shopping is not in my comfort zone. My wife, however, is one of the best online shoppers I’ve ever seen. She’s fast and efficient and gets more done in two hours than I get done in two days. That’s a good thing. We both get things done in a way that fits us best. We’re glad there are options that suit us both.

Here at Jackson EMC, we find that our members fit into one of those buckets, too - from “old school” to online and everything in between. Because of this, we continuously look at ways we can improve services that fit you. Since we launched the MyJacksonEMC website and mobile app a few years ago, more members are using these tools to pay their bill and check their energy use. If you’re like my wife, apps like MyJacksonEMC are the preferred way to make payments using your phone or online.

As a member of an electric cooperative, you can choose from many different payment options that work best for you. In fact, we just launched PrePay last year as a new option to manage your energy use and bill. This is a great option if you want to manage your account with smaller, but frequent, payments. You decide when and how much you’ll pay. Think of PrePay like filling your vehicle’s gas tank. You fill your account like you would the gas tank on your car and then use electricity as you normally do. When your “electric tank” gets low, you can refill as needed by adding funds as you want. It’s a great option that works well for some of our members.

PrePay is a good option for people who want to manage their account closely. For some folks, “set it and forget it” works best for them. Our Auto Pay Program lets you pay your bill with an automatic draft from your bank account or credit/debit card. And, for those members who want to avoid surprises on their monthly bill, they may like our Budget Billing Program, which balances your electric bill so your payments are the same each month.

In just the past few years, paperless billing has become a popular option for many members, too. About 65% of Jackson EMC members get their bill via email. It’s a fast and efficient way to get your bill for those members that prefer electronic notifications.

Choices and options are what it’s all about and the new year is a great time to evaluate what’s best for you and your family. Need to make things more consistent? Take a look at budget billing. Want more control over your account? Learn more about PrePay in this issue of JEMCO News. As for me, I’m excited to welcome a new year with the opportunity to serve you.

Have a story to share about how a payment option has worked well for you? Share it with me at [email protected]