18:00 PM

Perspective: Best Interests

With each New Year, it seems, I promise to put a priority on those things that reflect my best interests.

I resolve to lose a little weight to keep fit. I plan to exercise on a routine basis to keep my energy up. I tell myself I’ll do at least one crossword puzzle a day in order to keep my mind stimulated.

Like most of us, I start on my list of resolutions as the New Year unfolds, but by February, I’m slacking off.

Fortunately, at Jackson EMC, we keep your best interests as our top priority all year long.

First and foremost, our main priority is keeping the lights on. To provide you with reliable electric service we maintain the infrastructure of our quality power distribution system and continuously upgrade where necessary. As advancements in the electric industry occur, we weigh the advantages of adding new technologies and, when advantageous, integrate new solutions into our system. Always, we keep costs in mind as we rigorously work to keep within an acceptable budget.

While providing you with reliable power is our top concern, helping you manage the power you use comes in as a close second. On our website, we offer valuable information to help you manage your energy use and save money. We provide energy saving tips so you can plan your own energy game plan to manage costs. We offer energy audits that help you find ways to save money. We’re concerned about the rising cost of living in our nation, and we work to help you manage those costs where we can.

Our programs include Right Choice Homes, which teams expert technicians with homebuilders to help your new house meet certain energy standards so you can save money on your power bill. We assist our commercial members by providing programs that help them manage energy, technology and environmental impact through energy audits, design assistance and onsite evaluations.

Saving money is important, but at Jackson EMC we think of ourselves as your partner, working together to improve our quality of life. Members of our board of directors and our employees are your neighbors, people you see at the grocery store and in church. We are honored to work with you to support youth through community programs like Partners in Education, 4-H, FFA and Junior Achievement. Our own youth initiatives reach students through Bright Ideas, Sun Power for Schools, Washington Youth Tour, Quality Beef Show and the annual Wiring Contest.

In addition, the Jackson EMC Foundation, thanks to your contributions through Operation Round Up, provides funding for charitable purposes throughout our 10-county region. More than $11 million in grants have been funded back into our communities because of our members and this cooperative.

While I sometimes may lose my New Year’s resolve to practice what’s best for me, I take pride in reporting that Jackson EMC, year-round, keeps your best interests at the forefront. Happy New Year, indeed.