08:30 AM

Perspective: Caring for our Community

A few years ago, we asked you to help pick a new slogan for the cooperative. The clear winner? “Your Power. Your Community.” That’s not surprising because it’s simple and speaks to our collective values.

As cooperative members, you’re invested in the community where you live and work. You have the same expectations of your cooperative to be more than just another company; you expect us to be an excellent community citizen, too.

That’s why Jackson EMC does more than provide reliable and affordable electricity to members – because we know you expect more from your cooperative. You expect us to be community leaders and actively engaged in the areas we serve.

For Jackson EMC, community involvement is more than just a slogan. As a local business, owned and governed by those we serve, it’s part of our culture to be community minded. And we demonstrate our community-minded culture in many ways – whether it’s in schools, businesses or homes.

With school starting back this month, we’re encouraging middle school educators to apply for a Bright Ideas grant to fund their innovative and creative classroom projects. We’ll also be in classrooms to speak to elementary school students about electrical safety, and we’ll support student sportsmanship in partnership with the Georgia High School Association.

At Jackson EMC, we encourage and support our employees' involvement as well. Like you, they are proud to take an active role in our community. Many of our employees volunteer in local schools, civic clubs, nonprofit organizations and youth recreation leagues. There’s a reason we support these activities – doing good in the community is good for everyone.

So, when you helped us pick a slogan – “Your Power. Your Community.” – we were honored that you see our values at work in our community, and we hope to make you proud of your ownership in the co-op. Jackson EMC is your electric cooperative and we're proud to serve you.

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