09:32 AM

Perspective: Comfort Food of Utilities

Jakins Chip 3751

Did you know this month marks National Ice Cream Day? Or, what about National Mac and Cheese Day? There’s also National Cheesecake Day, French Fry Day, and Fried Chicken Day – all in July. So it probably makes sense that National Junk Food Day also is observed this month. 

What do all these unofficial “national” days have in common? They were created to celebrate what we in the South refer to as “comfort foods.” And in my case, it has worked because I’ve become way too comfortable with all those foods!

At Jackson EMC, regardless of whether there’s a dedicated day on the calendar, we want our members to feel extra comfortable too– like you’re having a bowl of ice cream in your favorite spot on the couch. So, in that vein, here are three great reasons why your co-op is the “comfort food” of utilities: 

1. You’re our purpose – it’s comforting to know that our co-op exists because of you. We’re owned and governed by the members we serve. Our mission is to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. Simply put, we exist to serve you. That’s why we were formed in 1938 -- to bring power to our community. Our employees live and work here too and care about our community, just as you do. We’re invested and work to help it thrive.

2. We have a positive impact on the communities by helping comfort those in need. Our mission goes beyond electricity. Another major part of who we are is our service to our community and looking after the greater good. With your generosity through programs like Operation Round Up, the Jackson EMC Foundation is able to award grants to the most vulnerable members of our community by providing funding for community-based programs like food banks, community health clinics, educational initiatives, emergency shelters, and more.

3. When the weather gets uncomfortable, we’re there to help. We do our best to avoid power outages, but Mother Nature can occasionally throw us a curveball. Our members are quick to report any power disruptions and are patient as our crews work to safely restore power. We know outages are frustrating, but you can take comfort in knowing we’re here and ready to respond. Your support as we work through storms is comforting too and it means so much to our linemen and employees. 

Thanks for all you do to help us be the best, most comforting co-op we can be. We love serving our members and our local community, and just like you, want to see it continue to see it grow and prosper. 

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