18:00 PM

Perspective: Committed to You

If you want to know how you’re doing, just ask somebody. I’ve never encountered anyone who wouldn’t tell you what they thought if you just asked. And how else are you going to know? We ask our members how they feel about Jackson EMC using a variety of feedback tools and research. And we survey our employees for the same reason.

Looking at the results from our recent Employee Engagement Survey, I understand why you continue to give us high customer satisfaction ratings. Ninety-six percent of our employees said Jackson EMC cares about its members, the same number say they like the work they do, and 95 percent say they’re proud to work for this cooperative. That level of commitment is hard to find. It’s extremely important, because employees who are that positive about the company they work for end up providing outstanding service to those they serve.

Now, there’s room for improvement in our employee survey results, just like there is in the member satisfaction results you’ll find in this issue of JEMCO News. But a high level of employee engagement and a strong commitment to customer service are the very bedrock of the work this cooperative does, and it’s a strength we can build on for the future. We want to be the best. And to be the best, we have to provide courteous, personalized service to our members. That’s not just important to you; it’s obviously very important to our employees as well.

You receive service from us in lots of ways. When it comes to service, we’re all looking for speed, whether that means fast restoration of your power after a storm, a quick solution to your energy use question or speedy service in the drive-thru lane at our offices. Much more important than speed, however, is thorough and friendly service. We’re all more likely to share with our friends and family an outstanding or, unfortunately, a bad experience we’ve had at a business. We want you to be able to tell everyone how Jackson EMC went above and beyond to answer your question, care about your concern or help you get the service you want.

We’re committed to you and to exceeding your expectations. To do that, we’re building on a strong foundation, and we’re proud that so many of you think we’re doing a good job. But we need to make sure we have the tools and resources to continue improving your customer service experience. So we’ll continue to ask how we’re doing. And we’ll continue to work at being better and better at what we do, always working to be the best.

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