12:19 PM

Perspective: Deep Dedication

Jakins Chip 3751

If you’ve read this column for long enough, you know that we respect and admire the people whose job it is to keep the lights on in our community. The linemen who represent Jackson EMC are some of the finest in the country. They go above and beyond to serve our members with their dedication and professionalism. As they say: when the lights go out, so do they – any time of day throughout the year. 

This month, though, is especially important for linemen. It’s Lineman Appreciation Month, when we take an extra moment to reflect and appreciate the work they do. The next time you flip a switch to turn on the lights in a dark room, power up your phone or enjoy a show on TV, you can remember the people who power your cooperative. The work they do every day – even in difficult weather conditions – is truly remarkable and commendable. Thank you to our linemen! In the past few months, our linemen have also helped fellow cooperatives restore power to their members after significant storms. Most recently, our linemen helped Covington-based Snapping Shoals EMC. That co-op had more than 200 power poles broken after a strong storm. Last fall, a group of Jackson EMC linemen volunteered to help Lee County Electric Cooperative in Florida restore power after Hurricane Ian. The damage caused by the hurricane was extensive. Some of our linemen, who have helped restore power after previous hurricanes, said it was the worst they’ve seen. 

I was proud when a veteran lineman and safety trainer from another co-op working alongside our crews shared his appreciation for Jackson EMC’s crews. “In my 32 years in the electric utility business, I have never seen a bunch of guys work as efficiently and safely as your men,” he wrote. “Everyone at Jackson EMC should be extremely proud of each and every one of these men. They are indeed the best I’ve ever seen!” 

We know that we can count on linemen to rise to the occasion when needed. We’re grateful to have some of the top professionals in the industry who have a big heart for people in their community. Thank you to our lineman — for what you do for us every day!