10:30 AM

Perspective: Future Ready For EVs

During a recent road trip, I noticed far more electric vehicles sharing the road than I have in the past. The demand for EVs is quickly growing in the U.S., and more members are becoming curious about EVs.

Recently, automakers have taken leaps forward to develop and produce electric vehicles that are more appealing. This year, we may begin to see electric pickup trucks on the highways. You may have already noticed more EV charging stations at local retail stores and businesses. There’s no question that EVs will change our automotive landscape – it’s just a matter of when.

When it comes to recent development for EVs, buyers have more options, like a fully electric vehicle or a hybrid that uses both electricity and gasoline. EV buyers can also select if they want to upgrade a charger at their home. EVs have an exciting future. Our current reality, however, is many people are hesitant to buy an EV. They are concerned about a limited drive range on an electric charge or lack of charging stations in areas. Exciting recent developments in EV battery storage technology and deploying more charging stations may help ease some of those concerns. Manufacturers are also offering EV models that fit all budgets and lifestyles.

We understand that making the switch to an electric vehicle depends on a number of factors for your household. As your electric cooperative, we’re excited to serve you in new ways, starting with education about EVs. Our tools can help you navigate the basics of owning an EV so you can make an informed decision. Regardless of when it’s time to consider an EV for your household, we’re ready to be your trusted energy expert.

At Jackson EMC, we’re focusing on bringing our members more resources for electric vehicles. We’re excited to support EV adoption through our EV rate and a rebate to members who purchase a qualified EV charger. In addition, our website provides valuable and practical information about EVs, if that’s an option you’re considering. There’s even a tool that allows you to compare EVs by model.

Curious about EVs? I encourage you to learn more by visiting our website.

Have a story to share about making the switch to an EV? Share it with me at [email protected]