18:00 PM

Perspective: Good Value

At this time of year, I’m reminded of my father’s knack for saving a nickel. It’s a life lesson for which I’m thankful.

When I was growing up, Christmas mornings started with excitement and ended with fulfillment. No matter what gifts we discovered under the Christmas tree, we were grateful. We had no Christmas morning disappointments, even though, as we came to realize in adulthood, our parents never spent a fortune on presents. They didn’t have a fortune to spend. But we always had plenty.

My dad rarely bought anything new. He was the definition of a jack-of-all-trades, a handyman who could take an old metal frame, spare parts and spray paint and turn them into the neighborhood’s shiniest go-cart. He saw the value in salvaging something old to make new items that brought joy to his kids and grandkids, and from him we learned the value of spending within our limits—and the value of hard work.

At Jackson EMC, we strive throughout the year to present the best product possible to you, our members, while spending within our budget and working hard to meet your needs.

We understand that delivering a stellar product is essential, but if the cost to our members is exorbitant, the product loses a lot of its appeal. So we work, in every department, to make cost-conscious decisions while spending wisely. We shop for the best power purchases and compare prices when restocking our supply shelves, always with the goal of buying the best product at the lowest price.

Even though we work to cut costs where possible, one thing we’ll never do is skimp on service. The same way my dad worked on that go-cart—dutifully assembling parts after dark as I dozed, dreaming of Christmas to come—we at Jackson EMC will continue to work behind the scenes to make sure your lights stay on. And when emergency situations do occur, we’re prepared to restore your power at a moment’s notice, regardless of the sleep we may lose. It’s that important to us.

As we approach a New Year, we’re also reminded of the value of time. For nearly 80 years, Jackson EMC has supplied electricity to Northeast Georgia residents. Just as the cooperative formed to save you time in the kitchen and on the farm by introducing electric appliances and tools, we strive today to save you time by keeping our system up-to-date and dependable in order to keep your power on so you can efficiently run your household or business.

At the holidays, it’s our hope that you find value in the things that mean the most, whether recollecting special gifts and people or making new memories with the ones you love.

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