16:14 PM

Perspective: Heartwarming Support

As a parent, I always enjoyed seeing my kids play in the snow. They’d make snowmen and toss around a few snowballs. Snow days are fun – both for kids and parents. Icy weather, however, doesn’t melt my heart as easily.

Just half an inch of ice can add 500 pounds of weight to the length of a power line. The buildup of ice on power lines and trees may cause them to break, resulting in power outages. In cases of severe weather, like Winter Storm Izzy, there may be many outages that disrupt our community. Icy tree limbs may be entangled in downed power lines, and roads may be slippery – even for a bucket truck.

Thankfully, our crews remained safe while working in such challenging conditions during Izzy. And it was a cooperative effort to restore power. We were fortunate to have assistance from 128 contract crew members. We had the support of local law enforcement agencies to get crews to the right places for replacing broken lines and poles. In all, we restored power to more than 31,000 members in less than 24 hours following the storm on January 16. 

We understand how frustrating it is to be without power, especially during extreme weather. In spite of your discomfort, we were truly impressed with our members’ outpouring of love and support while we worked to restore power following Winter Storm Izzy. One of the many comments on social media from members said, “With the wind howling out there and all the sleet, freezing rain and snow coming down this morning, I was surprised how quickly power was restored. Thank you!” 

We appreciate all your kindness from the words of encouragement on social media to the warm cups of coffee shared with our crews. 

Ice storms are a big deal here in Georgia. We’re thankful everyone remained safe and we’re humbled by your support. Thank you! 

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