09:51 AM

Perspective: Inspired to Use Less (Electricity)

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are those from family reunions. We’d gather the whole family at a big picnic site in a park. The kids would be running around, while the adults would be chatting away. I can remember hearing so many laughs. And I can always remember smelling the food – my favorite part of every family reunion!

When it came time to make your plate, you could always count on my grandmother or one of my aunts ensuring everyone had a full plate. After all, everyone in the family pitched in to make great food for us to enjoy – and they made sure there was more than enough to go around.

In a way, cooperatives work like a family reunion – we want to ensure there’s plenty of electricity for everyone. But, we’re a little different than my grandmother’s or aunts’ approach to food at family reunions. Sure, we’re here to see that you have plenty of power, but we also want you to use it as efficiently as possible. Ultimately, that helps your cooperative keep operating costs lower.

Admittedly, that sounds a little counterintuitive. Why? Because as your not-for-profit cooperative, we know efficiency equals affordability. At those family reunions, eating sensibly wasn’t on anyone’s mind, but when it comes to using electricity, it’s wise to be efficient. We know that how wisely you use power is much more important than how much power you “pile on your plate.” Save that idea for the banana pudding.

If you’re looking for ways to be more energy efficient, Jackson EMC has plenty of resources to help members use less power. Your monthly edition of JEMCO News always has helpful information on how you can use electricity efficiently, which can lower your monthly bill. We also offer trusted experts to help guide you through ways to save energy.  Our website also offers resources to learn more about our services, including home energy evaluations and rebates for qualified energy-efficient improvements. And for those who want a deeper dive, the MyJacksonEMC website and mobile app gives you insights on when you’re using electricity – including by the day and hour. 

As always, we’re here to be your trusted energy advisor. All these resources and more are available to help you watch what’s on your energy plate and keep an eye on how you use electricity.