10:38 AM

Perspective: It's Rodeo Time!

Jakins Chip 3751

When we say our linemen are “going to the rodeo,” we don’t mean the kind of event with cowboys and horses. Instead, they’re participating in one of the most respected and challenging competitions in our industry – the lineman’s rodeo. This year, we sent 45 linemen to participate in the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo, where they competed in a series of events in traditional linemen skills. The challenges they face preparing and competing in rodeo enhance the on-the-job skills they use to provide you with reliable power.

In our line of work, safety is the top priority and participating in the lineman’s rodeo allows our linemen to sharpen their safety skills, too. In their day-to-day jobs, our linemen use their safety training to stay safe in hazardous conditions and when working around high-voltage electricity. Competing in the rodeo creates a unique, controlled setting where they can practice safety protocols and demonstrate their training in action. For our members, that means our linemen improve their safety skills on the job, which can potentially reduce incidents.

Without a doubt, the rodeo is a powerful platform to showcase the professionalism of these hardworking linemen. And it's also a fun, family-friendly event! Jackson EMC’s competitors have lots of support from their families, friends and co-workers at the rodeo. This is often the only time their loved ones see them in action – climbing poles, replacing equipment and working alongside their fellow linemen. The loudest cheers often come from their spouses and children. Some of these families will be cheering again when the top winners represent Jackson EMC at the International Lineman’s Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas in October.

Jackson EMC’s linemen are some of the best in the country as evidenced by the number of trophies and awards they won for their outstanding performance at this year’s rodeo. Those awards are a nice reminder that our linemen are top in their field. They are true champions serving our community. We’re proud of our linemen. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch our linemen at the rodeo in a video you can find at news.jacksonemc.com/GaRodeo23. Let’s give them some big cheers!