09:59 AM

Perspective: Looking Out for Scams

We all know someone – perhaps even ourselves – who has been the target of a scam. It can be tough to spot a scam when the criminals have become pretty good at pretending to be legitimate organizations, like a bank or utility company.

What makes it more difficult to spot these scams nowadays is the scammer is taking advantage of many forms of technology to be very convincing in their efforts. Whether behind a computer screen or on the phone, these criminals can mask their true intentions using stolen corporate images and credentials, bogus caller identification, vicious malware and ransomware, and misleading links to websites. And unfortunately, these criminals are relentless in their attempts to scam the innocent and unsuspecting.

When it comes to scams, nothing infuriates me more than to learn about some new attempt to scam our members or defraud our company.

At Jackson EMC, we take cyber security very seriously. Protecting our members from this kind of criminal activity is high on our priority list. Every year, we increase our efforts, especially in the areas and technology. We invest in the latest cyber security protections and each employee undergoes continuous training to better protect our members from scams.

We do this because criminals have been known to use the name of reputable companies, like Jackson EMC, to scam their victims. When it comes to scams, criminals are always changing how they target victims.

In some cases, criminals will make an unexpected phone call telling you to pay money now or your electricity will be turned off immediately. In other cases, the scam may take the form of a very convincing email. Social media and texting also makes it easier for criminals to reach you with their scams.

Don’t fall prey to these scams. The key is to stay educated about these ever-changing tactics. Read news reports about current scams. Be alert of any scam notices from your local law enforcement agencies, utilities and consumer websites. And, remember to be careful about providing your personal information online. I encourage you to look in this issue of JEMCO News on how to spot the signs of these imposters.

Have an idea on how we can keep you informed of scams affecting members? Send me a note to chip@jacksonemc.com.