14:00 PM

Perspective: Making Memories. Saving Energy.

Ask any parent about their responsibilities raising children and you’ll often hear the word “teach.” You’ll hear it used in examples like, “teach my kids how to tie their shoe” or “teach my kids how to ride a bike.”

As a dad who recently became an empty nester, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the things my wife and I taught our kids over the years. Was it the right stuff? Did we give them the skills they need? And sometimes – now that the house is kid-free and quiet – I even have time to think about the lessons my kids taught me.

A lot of the lessons my kids taught me centered around mastering the skill of patience (but that’s a story for another day). Many of the other lessons they taught me were inspired by the things they were doing at school – like homework and projects. I had to relearn those things I worked so hard to forget … everything from memorizing vocabulary words to long division.

I’m smiling as I write this because those truly were some great bonding moments that we spent together around the kitchen table doing homework and projects. As my mom would say, “we made a lot of memories.” I’m also smiling because Earth Day is approaching on April 22. I’m sure that parents and kids are making their own memories as they scramble to complete an Earth Day project or homework assignment. They’re making creative things from recycled products or researching some assignment on new ways to make the planet greener.

So, parents: If you’re out of ideas, this issue of JEMCO News is coming to your rescue. This issue has plenty of fun ideas on how to teach kids about saving energy. And what could be greener than that? These ideas are intended to engage you and your child with entertaining activities. As you’ll see with these ideas, celebrating Earth Day is easier and more enjoyable than you may be thinking. Why not have some fun teaching kids to save energy? You won’t have to mention they’re saving you money while they’re at it!

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