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Perspective: More Than a Competition

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Linework is a tough job. It’s not uncommon for linemen to work in challenging weather conditions, such as heavy rain and winds or ice, while clearing lines to restore power to homes and businesses. 

It can also be a dangerous job. Linemen reach a height of 35 feet or more in buckets or after climbing a pole. They wear protective gear – such as hard hats, rubber gloves, safety glasses and f lame-resistant clothing – when they work near energized lines and equipment. We place a great emphasis on safety training in linework, because it matters. 

That’s one of the reasons why we’re such big supporters of the lineman’s rodeo. Our competitors refine their traditional linemen skills while focusing on safety. They’re also great ambassadors for Jackson EMC and the industry. Just like the rodeos of the Old West, the lineman’s rodeo came about as a way for those in the profession to test their skill and speed. Now, there’s no bucking horse riding in the lineman’s rodeo, but it’s definitely exciting to see them in action. 

Before our linemen compete in the rodeo, they’ve already completed extensive training. They have to master their skills, study industry standards and remain focused on safety. One of the competition’s events stays a mystery until just before the rodeo – so competitors must have the wide-ranging knowledge and skillset. Through preparation and competition, our linemen become better equipped for their tasks on the job. It’s great continuing education for linemen!  

It's also rewarding for their families, friends and colleagues to cheer on their favorite lineman as they compete among the best. This may be one of the few times they get to see their loved one doing what they love. We also see teamwork in action as veteran linemen coach and mentor our rising competitors. 

We’re proud of our competitors at the lineman’s rodeo – it’s hard work to get to the event. We’re honored that a journeyman lineman team from Jackson EMC was the top team at the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo. Our top winners at the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo will continue to the International Lineman’s Rodeo this fall in Kansas City, where they’ll meet top linemen from around the world. Congratulations to all of our competitors! 

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