15:59 PM

Perspective: New Year, New Opportunities

If you’re a sports fan, like me, you often hear about the “energy” of the game. 

You’ll notice or “feel” the positive energy among players, coaches and fans when your team makes a “big” play. Because of that energy, everyone is excited and motivated to keep moving forward – whether it’s a touchdown, homerun or score. Remember how exciting it was to see the Braves win the World Series and the Georgia Bulldogs win the National Championship! 

I’ve also noticed this same type of energy throughout our great cooperative. We’ve provided reliable and affordable electricity to our members for more than 80 years, and there will be new opportunities to provide greater service to you this year. The member – or fan – experience is what it’s all about. Without fans, a stadium is empty. In 2022, we want to enhance your member experience. That means we plan to: Continue making improvements to our distribution network to better serve you and our growing area; Offer more renewable energy options; and, Launch a new option for you to pay for your electricity in advance, called PrePay. 

I’ve always believed in the team of employees at Jackson EMC to exceed members’ expectations. Like the Braves and Bulldogs, our goal is always to be the best. Our vision statement says the same, to be “the best, forward thinking, innovative energy supplier.” 

All this builds on our tradition of serving our members and our community. Jackson EMC was founded on the belief that by working together, we could improve the quality of life for residents of northeast Georgia through the power of electricity. 

Indeed, the team of employees at your cooperative is “energized” to advance our founding belief. We have lots of exciting accomplishments to come. I’m looking forward to this year and beyond! 

Have a story to share on how we provided new opportunities for you? Email me at [email protected].