10:55 AM

Perspective: Planning Ahead

Jakins Chip 3751

I look forward to seeing the trees and flowers spring back this time of year. Even with Georgia’s wild weather patterns, we know that warmer days are ahead. And here at Jackson EMC, it’s also the time of year that we look forward and plan for the growth that will impact your cooperative. Ultimately, we’re here to supply you with reliable electricity – and that’s what we do every day. To keep the lights on, we balance our energy resources and plan for the future. Jackson EMC members are powered by a mix of energy resources, including natural gas, solar, nuclear and hydroelectricity. This variety gives us the flexibility we need to adapt to change. 

We’re ready to respond when there are extreme temperature changes. Within the past year, we’ve experienced two record-setting peaks for energy use – both occurring on extreme weather days. The first took place in June when we experienced very high temperatures and humidity. The second occurred in late December, right around Christmas Eve, when deeply cold temperatures and frigid winds drove temperatures down into the single digits. 

We do our best to prepare our system for those kinds of events and I’m proud of our engineering and operations team, which designs, operates and maintains our system. We recently reviewed our reliability statistics, which showed that our system performed at a 99.99% reliability rating. That’s about as close to 100% as you can get! And that doesn’t happen by accident. It takes hard work, dedication, planning, good stewardship, and commitment throughout the year to build and maintain an electric system that performs at that level. 

If there was an electric co-op equivalent of an Academy Award, our engineering and operations team deserves one. For a job well done, I want to thank all the great folks in that area. It starts with the leaders in engineering and operations: Joe Dorough, Tommy Parker, Jonathan Weaver and Lori McCutcheon. They lead an outstanding group of incredible people who work tirelessly to produce industry-leading, reliable electricity for our members. Everyone does a great job keeping the lights on for our members and I want to thank every member of that team: Our linemen, foremen, superintendents, technical services, engineers, staking technicians, mappers, system control operators, right of way crews, field service representatives, clerks, and administrative and support staff. Way to go team and keep up the great work!