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Perspective: Power in Planning

Have you ever planned your day around the weather? Sure, we all have. When the forecast calls for rain, you bring an umbrella. When there’s a sunny forecast, you may plan to spend extra time outdoors. That kind of planning helps your day and your week go better. But long-term planning for the weather can be a big help, too. 

When I think about long-term planning for the weather, my dad and his garden come to mind. He does a lot of “weather planning” to ensure his garden is ready for each season. He’s constantly mindful about which crops to plant, which seeds to start germinating, and which plants to rotate in and out of his greenhouse. He amazes me with his ability to produce so many varieties of vegetables and fruit from that small plot of land in his backyard. 

The key to his success is carefully planning (followed by a lot of hard work) so no detail is overlooked. We do the same kind of “weather planning” here at Jackson EMC – but we’re preparing a different type of garden. Our “garden” is an electric distribution system and just like my dad’s garden, it has to be ready for every season. Here in Georgia, our seasons bring everything from summer thunderstorms to the harsh effects of winter snow and ice. Occasionally, we even face the impacts of a tropical storm. Whatever Mother Nature 
brings, we have to do the planning and preparation well in advance so we have confidence in our ability to weather any storm. 

Like the work Dad does tending the soil, our distribution network must also be properly maintained. Throughout the year, we regularly conduct pole and line inspections. Our goal is to find a potential problem before it becomes a major one. For example, we replace weakened poles, ensuring they are as strong and as resilient as possible. 

Proper pruning also plays a big role in the success of his garden. Our system requires pruning to operate successfully. We proactively trim trees and vegetation near power lines and equipment to reduce the likelihood of a prolonged outage caused by fallen trees. Our vegetation maintenance plan ensures that we reach every overhead power line regularly to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your power. 

Another common theme when I’m talking about the success of Dad’s garden is, well, Dad. None of that stuff happens without his hard work and dedication. That’s where our people come in. In the event of a power outage, you can trust that our crews are ready to respond. Our engineers and technicians have designed a resilient system. Our contact center representatives are ready to take your call. Our warehousemen have our facilities well stocked with the supplies and equipment needed to respond. Our mechanics have our vehicles and equipment in tip-top shape. It’s teamwork at its finest. 

We’re taking steps throughout the year to be sure our garden is ready and if you’re planting one this season we hope yours is ready, too. This issue of JEMCO News includes ways you can prepare your family for whatever the weather brings – see inside for helpful weather planning tips.

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