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Perspective: Ready for Next Season

Jakins Chip 3751

Can you believe that we’re just a few weeks away from the start of college football? I’m a big fan and enjoy cheering on my favorite teams. 

If you follow teams in the off season, you're probably hearing a lot about football teams preparing for the upcoming season. This time of year, it’s common to hear about how teams are building their strength, developing a game plan for next season and working together as a team. 

Just as sports teams are working hard to improve their game before the season starts, we’re also working proactively to provide you with reliable electricity. 

You may have noticed crews trimming trees and vegetation near power lines and equipment. Tree limbs coming in contact with power lines is the number one cause of power outages. By proactively and strategically trimming vegetation near our energized lines, we can reduce the number of outages. This work is especially important during the summer when winds from storms could cause trees to damage power lines. 

Speaking of storms, it’s not unusual for our area to experience severe weather during peak seasons. Our storm plan ensures we have the people, supplies and communication channels in place to restore power as quickly as conditions and safety procedures allow. Our line crews undergo extensive training throughout the year for safely restoring power, and our office personnel are trained to help with logistics support during major storms. 

Our service area covers 10 counties in Northeast Georgia – that certainly means we’re on the road a lot. In fact, our fleet vehicles travel the equivalent of 140 trips around the world each year! The bucket trucks, pickup trucks and other Jackson EMC vehicles you see in the community are a crucial part of serving homes and businesses. Our auto shop crews ensure those vehicles are prepared to run smoothly. They have a schedule for preventive maintenance on our fleet vehicles that exceeds manufacturers’ recommendations. 

We’re also thinking ahead about serving our growing membership. In the past two years, we’ve added over 10,000 meters to our system. This area of Georgia continues to experience some of the highest growth rates in the country. Our engineers play a crucial role in developing long-term plans for installing new power lines, upgrading substations, and managing our power supply. They anticipate the needs of our members and ensure we are prepared to serve them effectively.

Just as your cooperative is prepared to serve you, we give you insights on how to be proactive about saving energy. This month’s issue of JEMCO News has plenty of tips on steps you can start to take today.