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Perspective: Seeing the Choices

Shopping choices these days can be overwhelming! Even with the simple things, like toothpaste, it can be a real struggle to pick out which flavor and what features I want – cinnamon or peppermint, to whiten or not to whiten? And heaven forbid I have to figure out which cereal I want on the cereal aisle – every shape and size of flake, nugget, twig, and berry is offered.

I remember my days in high school when I was a stock clerk at the local grocery store. Back then, it wasn’t unusual for shoppers to ask me to help them find some item in the store. On many of those seek-and-find missions I discovered all sorts of new and different products. Who knew there were so many varieties of products and brands? I often wondered who came up with all that stuff and how people choose what to buy.

Fast forward to now and I think there are even more choices. Take, for example, the products 

that affect our energy use – like lightbulbs. We certainly have plenty of choices when it comes to buying lightbulbs nowadays. You start by selecting the right bulb for the right fixture. For example, the type of lightbulb you put in an indoor lamp isn’t the same size or shape bulb you’d put in an outdoor security light. Then, once you know what type of bulb to buy, you decide how bright you want it to be and even the color of the light. In fact, if you’re really tech savvy, you can buy Wi-Fi connected bulbs that allow you to control both the color and brightness with an app on your phone.

If you’re like me, you may remember the simpler days of buying lightbulbs based on their wattage – which is a measurement of energy being used by the bulb. Now, with newer LED lightbulbs, you’re much more likely to pick a bulb based on lumens – which measures brightness. If you’re not familiar with the difference, this issue of JEMCO News has some informative tips on how to choose the right bulb for the job. In this day and age of so many choices, we hope this information is helpful to you.

At Jackson EMC, we give our members the information they need to make great choices about energy efficiency. Whether it’s picking the right lightbulb or understanding how a smart thermostat can lower your home’s energy use, we want to help you save energy and money. Just like my days at the grocery store, all of us at Jackson EMC are here to guide you to selecting products and services that are right for you. Check out our helpful energy saving tips at jacksonemc.com/waystosave to help you pick the energy efficient options that are best for you and your family.

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