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Perspective: Service and Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is a time when we pause and reflect on what makes us grateful. Recently, I was grateful to witness acts of kindness — small and large — that have had an impact on people’s lives. An act of kindness can change someone’s entire day. It certainly makes my day when members share their appreciation for employees whose kindness helped them. 

One such example is a member who appreciated the exceptional care she received from one of our customer service reps, Barbino Garcia. The member had recently moved to a new residence and needed help setting up her online account. She said Barbino was pleasant and helped her with the process. She continued by saying, “We are really thankful [for] how nice he was and how smooth everything went.” Indeed, kindness is greatly appreciated and valued. 

Acts of kindness often extend to our neighbors. For electric cooperatives, like Jackson EMC, our “neighbors” are our fellow cooperatives, including those in neighboring states. A recent example was demonstrated by the selfless response of our linemen, who worked alongside fellow co-op crews to restore power in Florida after Hurricane Ian. Our crews were there for 11 days helping our neighbors in need by doing the challenging work of restoring power in a storm-damaged community.

Helping others is the cooperative way and I’m thankful for the service of our co-op employees every step of the way to deliver safe, reliable and affordable electricity to you. From engineers to customer service representatives, co-ops understand and embrace our unique relationship with our members. It’s our way to show that at Jackson EMC you’re more than a customer – you’re a member. 

And speaking of members, I’m also thankful for you. We exist because of you and appreciate your involvement and engagement in your cooperative. One strong and powerful way you show that connection is through participating in our Operation Round Up© program that supports the Jackson EMC Foundation. Through your generosity, we're able to make our community a better place to live, work and play. 

From all of us here at Jackson EMC, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that our gratitude is evident to all of those around us. 

Have a story to share about exceptional service or an act of kindness from a Jackson EMC employee? Share it with me at [email protected]