13:21 PM

Perspective: Staying Safe Every Day

When you think about electricity, think of the ways it impacts our lives – from lighting our homes and operating our heating and cooling systems to powering the batteries for our phones and even vehicles.

Electricity is so integrated in our lives it’s easy to lose sight of how dangerous it can be. At Jackson EMC, we take safety seriously. It’s important that everyone, including you, stays safe when around electricity.

To keep members and employees safe, all Jackson EMC employees are required to attend mandatory monthly safety meetings addressing topics such as CPR, first aid and fire safety. Employees are trained to identify, respond and report potential safety issues, along with taking steps to prevent accidents.

Last year, we accomplished an important goal for our cooperative – celebrating going 12 consecutive months, a full year, without a lost-time safety incident. To put this in perspective, our 460 employees worked nearly a million hours without an injury that resulted in time away from work. It takes every employee being aware of how they can prevent workplace injuries, like slipping in a parking lot or staying hydrated while working outdoors in the heat, to achieve such an accomplishment. It’s definitely a team effort to keep everyone safe.

Like our employees, we encourage you to be safe every day. Take a moment to look for and address any electrical hazards around your home. Remember, even small appliances and phone chargers, can cause an electric shock if they’re not handled safely. For a list of potential electric hazards to check in your home, visit news.jacksonemc.com/safety-check. We encourage you to take safety seriously to protect you and your family.

Have a suggestion on how we can help better educate members about electrical safety? Email me at [email protected].