08:29 AM

Perspective: Staying Safe

Chip JakinsLike many parents, before my kids could crawl, I made sure my house would keep them safe.

I installed child-proof latches on the kitchen cabinets, so they couldn’t open the doors. I removed tiny (and tempting!) objects they could possibly place in their mouths. And, I installed those child safety gates to keep them away from the stairs.

Then, of course, I made sure our electrical outlets were properly protected to ensure that tiny fingers didn’t get too curious.

When our children are younger, it seems that’s when we’re more likely to hear about these types of safety measures for our home. But, the truth is that staying safe around electricity is something people of all ages should know about.

At Jackson EMC, we care about educating not only kids on how to be safe around electricity, but the entire community. We conduct electrical safety demonstrations at schools and public events. Our PowertownTM display and video provide a demonstration about what happens when objects, like kites, come in contact with energized lines and equipment. Kids and adults are always amazed to see how this real-world safety lesson illustrates the dangers of power lines.

For that matter, if you ever see a downed power line, always assume it’s electrically charged and report it to Jackson EMC. And, never fly a drone near power lines – it could create a dangerous situation.

Jackson EMC employees are always eager to come to your community group to showcase electrical safety and other energy-related topics. This type of in-person interaction is helpful for anyone to understand how they get electricity in their homes and schools, and how they can stay safe. Teachers and community groups can request a visit from a Jackson EMC employee by submitting a request on our website (jacksonemc.com/schoolvisit). Our website also has resources to teach kids about energy.

We want everyone to be safe around electricity. This issue of JEMCO News has a quiz about electrical safety. See if you can correctly answer the questions about safely plugging into electricity.

Have a suggestion on how we can help better educate the community about electrical safety? Send me an email at [email protected].