14:25 PM

Perspective: Stories of Appreciation

Not too long ago, we received a thank you card from a member who appreciated the exceptional care she received from Lisa Miller, one of our customer service representatives.

The member wrote how grateful she was for Lisa’s kindness and helpfulness when she called our contact center. What makes these words of appreciation more extraordinary is that the member sent the card as a handwritten note. She took that extra time to give thanks. When it’s so easy nowadays to quickly send a text or email, spending that extra time to write a note by hand feels a little more special.

Every day I’m privileged to work around some fine folks here at Jackson EMC and I let them know they’re appreciated. But, I’m especially honored when members let us know their appreciation for our employees, too.

In one story, a longtime member was preparing to move out of our service area. Before he moved, the member made a point to let us know how much he appreciated the care he received over the years from Larry Carswell, a customer service representative in our Gwinnett office. The member said Larry was always very kind and helpful when he visited the office each month to pay his bill. That’s great a kudos!

In another case, we received a very nice compliment from Hall County Parks and Leisure about some of our linemen. A tree had fallen on two poles, resulting in a power outage to a park. Jason Wade and Brandon Nunn, two linemen from our Gainesville office, responded to the outage and as the parks department noted, “saved the day.” Indeed, linemen often do heroic work to serve our community!

When some of our crews went to south Georgia to help restore power after Hurricane Michael, we heard from a number of residents in Grady County who appreciated the assistance and supported our crews. One family sent me a card expressing their appreciation for our crews helping in tough conditions. The family even welcomed us back to Cairo when conditions improve. What an uplifting gesture!

At our office in Neese, we heard from a member who initially came to us to discuss an abnormally high bill. During her visit, the member talked with customer service representative Luisa Battle, who guided the member through her bill and discussed energy saving tips. One of our residential marketing representatives, Brian Patton, also visited the member at her home to evaluate additional energy-saving recommendations. The member let us know how much she appreciated the knowledge, care and willingness to help she received from Luisa and Brian.

I, too, appreciate it when members let us know when they’ve received exceptional service from our employees. For that matter, I encourage you to give appreciation to those around you – the people working in a grocery store, emergency responders, teachers, sales clerks in stores, etc. Give them a positive word of appreciation for the work they do. Just taking a moment to say “thanks” means a lot. It really does.

Have a story of exceptional service from a Jackson EMC employee you want to share with me? Send me an email at [email protected].