10:14 AM

Perspective: Thank you!

Chip 2A few months ago, a winter storm moved through our service area and brought with it harsh, freezing conditions, including billowing snow and high winds. It was bitterly cold, and the driving conditions on the roads in our area were hazardous. In the electric utility industry, that kind of weather keeps you up at night. 

As a storm like that approaches, my first thought turns to our linemen. It’s a big ask to work in those conditions, especially when you add the extra dangers that come with fallen trees, downed power lines and broken poles. Yet, somehow, they see it as a challenge and treat it as a responsibility.  I often hear linemen say when the lights are out, that’s when they shine their brightest.  And, it’s true.

Along with facing the challenges of a difficult task comes a rush of adrenaline and a resolve to get the lights back on for members. When a storm rolls in, linemen get a certain look in their eyes like there’s a job to be done, and they’re the ones that are up for it. It’s the same look that I imagine you’d see in the eyes of firemen when the alarm bells ring at a fire station.

The families of linemen make sacrifices, too. The wife of one of our Jackson EMC linemen posted a video on social media during our last winter storm. It was the middle of the night and she was filming their two-year-old daughter, who was watching the driveway and waiting for her daddy to come home.

Watching that video and seeing his daughter’s joy and excitement when that bucket truck turned into the driveway brought tears to my eyes. It could have been a scene out of a hero movie. 

I know you’d agree: We sure consider our linemen heroes, especially when you’ve been in the dark after a storm. If your house is like mine, there’s usually a cheer that goes up when the lights come back on. It’s a great feeling.

We ask you to remember that feeling and join us as we celebrate our linemen this month. Every April, we take time to thank our extraordinary group of heroes who dedicate their lives to powering our homes and businesses. Jackson EMC has 118 linemen who maintain more than 14,000 miles of energized lines in our 10-county service area. Without them, our world wouldn’t be nearly as bright.

Please join me in appreciating our linemen and their families for their dedication to powering our community. Consider taking a moment to acknowledge their many contributions by sending an email, letter, calling us, leaving a comment on our social media channels, or emailing me at [email protected]