14:06 PM

Perspective: Thankful

If your family is like mine, it’s been a whirlwind since summer ended. Back to school. Family gatherings. Packed calendars. Busy times.

But with Thanksgiving, there’s the blessing of slowing down – even for just a little while – to afford reflection on the things we value the most.

I’m thankful to call Jackson EMC home. I’m especially honored to work with so many dedicated colleagues who are committed to exceeding your expectations. I enjoy hearing from you when one of our employees goes the extra mile for you. As you’ll read in this issue of JEMCO News, we value providing skilled and caring people to help exceed your expectations.

A member contacted us recently to say they appreciated the extra time Barbino Garcia, a bilingual customer service representative, took to fully explain the billing and payment options available to them.

In another note I received, a member shared a story of their experience as a victim of identity fraud. The member was having to contact multiple businesses, including Jackson EMC, to resolve banking issues due to the fraud. The member expressed their appreciation for Brenda Moore in our contact center for going the extra mile and making the process easier for them.

For another member, customer service representative Wanda Welch was “fantastic, cool and calm” when the member called the contact center to discuss their account and create an online account. Wanda spent 25 minutes guiding the member to set up an online account profile.

When hiring, we truly seek people who have a heart to serve others. We look for people who are kind, empathetic, courteous and friendly. I’m grateful that we have been blessed to welcome such outstanding individuals to work at Jackson EMC.

And, I’m thankful for you. Our members. You’re not just a customer; you are a member-owner.

I’m thankful that you have recognized our commitment to caring for you, our communities and our employees. This year, J.D. Power and Associates ranked Jackson EMC one of the top five electric utility cooperatives in the nation for customer satisfaction. Again, thank you.

Enjoy this special time and look around for the blessings.