18:00 PM

Perspective: Thankful

Thanksgiving comes along once a year, offering a chance for us to pause and take stock of those things we are thankful for. My list is long. I am thankful for God’s many blessings – good health, loving family and friends, and a wonderful job at a fantastic cooperative!

I recently returned from a family fishing trip and it reminded me of my many blessings. The trip is an annual pilgrimage for us off the coast of Louisiana to Chandeleur Island. Our weekend fishing group includes dads, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and a few family friends mixed in. The trip is important to me and my family. It gives us time together and time for us to appreciate nature, made easier when our cell signals slowly fade as we head 42 miles offshore.

We had a successful trip by any measure. We caught enough fish to keep the tall tales going all weekend. The ones that got away were more spectacular than ever. The only injury came from a hook through the finger; I’m thankful it wasn’t mine. We experienced 10-foot seas on the four-hour boat ride home. That made me thankful for dry land.

I’m also thankful I get to come home to Jackson EMC. It’s a great place to work filled with many amazing people. The men and women who work beside me are the hardest workers I know, and they’re happy to be here to serve you, no matter the weather outside.

I’m thankful for the members involved in this co-op. I’m especially thankful for our members’ commitment to community. Kudos to our members for empowering Operation Round Up,® to significantly impact the lives of those in need. In 10 years together, you’ve given $10 million to those individuals and organizations who used your change to make a change in so many lives.

I’m thankful for the members who reach out to me. I appreciate your letters, emails and phone calls that let me know when we are doing a good job, and when we aren’t.

I’m thankful for those members who support our employees. The kindness shown through a warm cup of coffee after a long night working on a power line, a holiday cookie delivered to our office or a smile shared when you visit our office mean more than you know.

While many of us take note of the blessings that enrich our lives on a daily basis, Thanksgiving gives me, at least, a reason to write it down. 

When my family sits down to dinner on Thanksgiving, I’ll be hoping you are with your family too. Thank you for your support. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at your electric cooperative.