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Perspective: The Power to Learn More

More than 80 years ago, a group of local business and community leaders shared a common vision and belief in a better life for those in their rural community. It’s time to celebrate the future of broadband expansion in rural Georgia.

Through the power of electricity, they saw opportunities for families and businesses to thrive. When Jackson EMC was founded in 1938, many people didn’t know how to use electricity.

It was new technology. So, in the early years of this cooperative, employees helped educate members about how to use electricity.Nowadays, we’re all familiar with electricity. It powers most of our daily activities – from watching TV to joining an online meeting. A simple flip of an electric switch can bring light to a room. Electric powered appliances can quickly cook a meal or keep food cold to enjoy later. At Jackson EMC, we’re proud to serve you by providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity to your homes and businesses.

In recent years, more members have become interested to learn if they’re using electricity efficiently. Thanks to newer technology – like smart thermostats – it’s now easier to get that information. Our members also told us they wanted to know more about their energy use from their cooperative. So, two years ago, we launched the MyJacksonEMC website and mobile app to help you view your energy use, report an outage, pay your bill and submit requests for other services. The energy use tool in MyJacksonEMC is a handy resource for checking your energy consumption – even by the hour, day or month. If you’re curious about how much electricity you’re using, check out the energy use tool in MyJacksonEMC.

And, if you want to learn ways to save energy, check out our website. We’ve got tips and ideas on steps you can take to save energy. The latest addition to our website includes tools for the growing number of members interested in buying an electric vehicle. EVs have an exciting future. The new tools on our website allow members to get the latest information about EV models, chargers and benefits.

Just as our cooperative helped members learn about electricity years ago, we’re helping members learn more about energy efficiency today. To do that, we want to be your trusted energy advisor.We offer our expertise and resources to members who want to learn more about their energy use and how they can develop energy efficient habits.

Have a story to share on how you learned more about your energy use? Email me at [email protected]