09:02 AM

Perspective: Times of Change

Just like a family reunion, our retirees gather annually to spend time with each other and to hear what’s happening in the cooperative. There are plenty of stories shared, welcoming hugs and time together. It’s a chance to reunite with dear friends, honor traditions and thank those who worked so hard to create the work culture we enjoy at Jackson EMC.

At Jackson EMC, we strive to create a great culture that provides an atmosphere where employees enjoy their work and have lasting and meaningful careers. It’s not unusual for our employees to have careers that last decades. In fact, some of our most recent retirees included people like Johnny Thomas, a line foreman, who retired with 44 years of service and Sally Ekard, a senior communication coordinator, who retired after 35 years. When people stay with an organization for that many years, I think that’s a good indication of a strong, positive culture.

Like many organizations, as our long-term employees transition into retirement, Jackson EMC is embracing new generations of employees ready to make their mark in the workplace. I’m impressed by what I see from the younger generation, and I know they’ll bring new perspectives and fresh ideas that will carry our cooperative forward in ways that will make our members proud.

Just as our employees are changing and growing, our cooperative changes and grows, too. Exciting things are happening at Jackson EMC that will allow us to serve you in new and better ways. Behind the scenes, our employees are working hard to bring you a major overhaul of our technology systems. During the next year, you’ll hear more about these changes, but they include advances that will provide more valuable information to serve you better.

We always plan to grow and change with the times – keeping the best parts of our culture and improving with every new generation of employees and members. We hope this allows us to meet and exceed your expectations in new and exciting ways while remaining the electric cooperative you’ve come to know and trust. Stay tuned for all that lies ahead in 2019!

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