09:23 AM

Perspective: Use Less of Our Product, Save More of Your Cash

How many businesses do you know of that ask their customers to purchase less of the product they sell? Can a business like that really work?

Jackson EMC does. And, yes, it can.

At first glance, it may not sound logical. But the more you know about how a cooperative works - and think about our pledge to help you conserve energy and save money - the more sense it makes.

People ask, "Why would you encourage consumers to use less of your product?"

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative owned by the people we serve, our mission is not to turn a profit, but to provide reliable, affordable electricity to our members. We take to heart the affordable aspect of that mission.

While other businesses seek to make profits for their stockholders, at Jackson EMC, our members are our stock - and our goal is to help you keep more of your money. While others urge you to buy more, more, more, we encourage you to use the product we sell efficiently.

By encouraging you to wisely use electric power, we help you keep more of your hard-earned cash. And we provide an abundance of resources to show you ways to do that: We do our best to publish energy-saving tips in each issue of Jemco News, and we offer a wide variety of resources on our website at www.jacksonemc.com. Our offices are staffed with energy efficiency experts who can help you find ways to use electricity more efficiently in your home and in your business.

And while everyone uses more appliances, electronics and other gadgets that require electricity, many of today's appliances and electronics are manufactured to require less energy. Simultaneously, as we learn to be conscientious users of electricity, energy consumption decreases. That's a good thing for consumers, like you, who enjoy lower power bills, as well as for providers, like Jackson EMC, who can meet demand without employing new power sources.

Your cooperative forecasts how much electricity we will require to meet your needs. In predicting how much electricity we'll need to generate, we take into account the growth in this region as well as the impact of energy efficiency efforts, like our Right Choice new home program. That forecast tells us when we'll need to have new generation resources ready to meet your needs, like the additional power we'll receive from the Plant Vogtle expansion. The more efficient you are at using the electricity your cooperative provides, the less we're obligated to find more electricity - either by purchasing electricity on the retail market or by investing in new power plants.

It's a common industry saying, and it's a fact: The greenest energy is the energy we don't have to generate. When we can "live within our means," energy-wise, we avoid the expense of building new electricity-producing plants.

So, while other businesses pitch contests to see who can use the most of their product, we're holding a contest to see who can use less of ours. Take our Home Energy Fitness Challenge, and you'll gain tools to create a plan to use less energy. If you've signed up yet, there's still time.

We hope you'll be inspired to use less of our product.